Saturday, April 23, 2011


It's been a dogs age since I posted here, but that's no surprise considering that my daughter has been eating up oodles of my time.

In the news:

Hobby HQ
I've built a game table so that I can host get togethers. It's a fairly simple construct, 2 folding tables made from table legs and 2 4x4 plywood boards. The idea being that they are easier to move around and you can combine them to play. It leaves you a 2 foot staging area. I plan on reinforcing the bottom of the tables, and maybe even doing some extra work on the staging area to make it a good place to roll dice. Tough to decide, I have 2 warmachine/hordes tables at that size.
I also have a bigger/better hobby cabinet with cupboards and glass windows to display stuff in. Neat. I'll post pictures when I can.

Best painting discovery in the past month or two ? Acrylic flow improver/retardant. Get some.

The Chaos slowly progress. I settled on a list to build towards and am slowly priming and painting things. My defiler came in the mail as well, but I've promised myself not to crack it until I get more stuff done. Really happy how these guys are turning out.

These kids are almost done. I'm putting the finishing touches on my HQ and accompanying Crisis Suits and after that all that's left is a Hammerhead and Piranha. It's actually been hard to finish this army. Part of the problem is that my skills have grown an incredible amount since I started the army. It's been a 2 or 3 year labour of love (I've lost track), but now that I'm at the end, I'm a bit unsatisfied. A large part of that has to do with the quality of my paint job on the early models. Granted, I was learning and they are a good tabletop quality. I'm tempted to go back and *fix* some of the older models, particularly my stealth suits and pathfinders, but I'll have to do this some other time.

Still waiting for a package in the mail to round out my starter force. Eager to try out Warmachine.

Getting my fantasy bug. Talked to a friend about playing it, been reading my rulebooks and getting excited. Watched Lord of the Rings which makes me excited about the fantasy genre again. I have had sitting around everything I need to build a good starting army, I have no excuse to not start them at this point.

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